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What are the tent styles?

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Folding tents, construction tents, disaster relief tents, these are all tent styles , and their details will be told to you by Xiaobian!
Folding tent: It can be used for outdoor activities, store entrances, campus welcomes, job fairs, etc. It can be taken wherever it goes, and it can cope with changing weather outside, and there are multiple options for rulers, top cloths, and stands.
Construction tent: It is used on the construction site in response to its name. The operating personnel can live in it, and it is also possible to put living goods in it.

Disaster relief tents: Purchased by government departments, they can be used for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency treatment, disaster relief materials storage and personnel accommodation, etc. The tent is also equipped with screens, and cotton and tarpaulin can be printed in the tent if necessary. The quality is also good.

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