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China Telecom Advertising Tent Case

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Telecommunications companies purchase outdoor advertising tents, and choose Fengyushun with confidence. Today's telecommunications companies are increasingly purchasing outdoor advertising tents, which can be used not only for advertising, but also as temporary resting places for outdoor activities.


Guangxi Telecom has ordered a number of outdoor advertising tents for outdoor promotional activities. The leaders of Guangxi Telecom Company of these outdoor advertising tents attached great importance, and also specially sent someone to our factory to follow up for a few days. The goods have now been delivered to customers. The customer is very satisfied, and praises the quality of our tent is very good, and the price is affordable. I have been satisfied with several cooperations, and will choose Fengyushun for long-term cooperation. Feng Yushun strives for survival by quality, reputation and development, and makes every effort to do its own business services to enhance the confidence of new and old customers in us.