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How should the folding advertising tent be protected during use?

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Advertising tents are the best-selling products and are the most widely used products in all tent categories. Advertising tents are used so much that they must be cleaned. Then Fengyushun tent manufacturers will introduce the cleaning of advertising tents .
First of all, it should be explained that tent products should not be washed with a brush, as this will damage the waterproof layer on the surface of the tarpaulin.
Next, we only need to take a pot of water for cleaning, and never use any chemical cleaning supplies. Similarly, the waterproof membrane will also be damaged, and the surface of the fabric will lower the tarpaulin.

If you find a dirty place, just clean it with water. Also, if you do n’t use the advertising tent for a long time, you should take it out to dry regularly to prevent mildew.

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