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What are the advantages of sliding awnings?

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Sliding tents, which have been introduced in recent years, can be used in hotel entrances, workshop hallways, and instead of illegal buildings. Currently, manual push-pull is mainly used in the market. Just use it if you don't need it.
Nowadays, the frequency of sliding tents is getting higher and higher, and its advantages also have the following points.
1. It can be used in all weathers all year round. It can be used in sunny days and can block rain in rainy days.
2. It can be printed on the tarpaulin at the time of purchase. Many restaurants now use such a publicity method; it is equivalent to a business card to let consumers know what the restaurant's characteristics are and quickly spread the information.
3. Specifications can be selected according to the size of the venue and the items placed.
Fourth, the material used is good, the tent is of good quality, the tarpaulin is flame-resistant, tear-resistant, and the bracket is rust-proof and wind-resistant.

Fifth, the price is also reasonable for consumers to accept.

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