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Four Seasons Muge Advertising Tent Case

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四季沐歌广告帐篷,隔了一天就打电话过来,听起来语气不太和善,我急忙问“怎么了,我话音未落,想不到说一句,你们太不人道了,为什么不早点让我找到你们,你们做的广告帐篷质量真不错,我下面的经销点都说比以往的质量好多了。我也直说,我要和你们丰雨顺长期合作,我还有一个大的项目要定做广告帐篷。 It ’s really a person with a straight stomach. People who say anything are really happy. I received 500 sets of four seasons Muge advertising tents customized in our company and called after another day. It sounds not very kind. I I hurriedly asked, "What's wrong, I haven't spoken. I can't think of a word. You are too inhuman. Why don't you let me find you earlier. The quality of the advertising tents you make is really good. The distribution points below me say that they are much better than before. . I also said straightforwardly that I want to work with you Feng Yushun for a long time, and I also have a big project to customize advertising tents.