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How to choose Xiamen awning?

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Xiamen awning ? It's not difficult to see when you are walking around, except that it can be used in sunny days, and it can also block rain in rainy days, and there is no time limit.
And I need to buy an awning, how do I choose? If you are in doubt, you will know after reading Feng Yushun's sales statement.
1. Choose the size according to the actual use. There are 2mX2m, 2.5mX2.5m, 2mX3m, 3mX3m, 3mX4.5m, 3mX6m on the market.
Second, the material selection is suitable for you, the awning roof cloth has 420D, 600D, 800D, and the bracket has iron frame, stainless steel, aluminum alloy.

Third, the purchase quality is good, so the use process can avoid various situations, and the use time is long.


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