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How to build a construction tent?

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It takes a certain time to complete the building, and at this time, in order to solve the housing problem, construction tents can be used, and it is also possible to place living items inside.
Although the construction tent can be set up in about 20 minutes by 4 people, many people still don't know how to build it. In response to this situation, tent manufacturer Feng Yushun also listed the following points for everyone, I hope to help you.
First, the construction of the tent should be selected on a flat place, before setting up, clear the sharp objects on the ground.
2. In order to facilitate the construction, first put the pipes of the same length and the same shape together, and check for missing or damaged.
3. Learn to construct the tent according to the product instruction; install the top beam—install the inclined beam—cover the tarpaulin—install the side pillar—install the side pillar—install the ground pipe—organize the tarpaulin and pull the windproof rope Ground nails and use without problems.

When constructing a construction tent, be careful not to drag the tarpaulin to the ground or use brute force to avoid damage to the tent.

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