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Feng Yushun tells you how to build a disaster relief tent!

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Disaster relief tents ? Under normal circumstances, 4 people can complete it in about 20 minutes, and its method will be told by the tent manufacturer Feng Yushun!
First, the tent should be set up on a flat place, and the sharp objects on the ground should be cleaned up before setting up to avoid tarpaulin damage.
Second, in order to facilitate the construction, the accessories can be classified well, see if there is any damage, and if found, deal with it in time.

3. Learn to build a tent: install the top beam—install the inclined beam—cover the tarpaulin—install one side pillar—install the other side pillar—install the ground pipe—organize the tarpaulin, pull the windproof rope, and check that there are no problems be usable.


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