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What are the issues to consider when buying advertising umbrellas?

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Advertising sun umbrella : a new type of advertising carrier with good publicity effect, even if competitors in the industry choose to buy it.
Advertising umbrellas are now sold in many places, and the following issues must be considered when buying.
First, see if the fabric has problems such as yarn running and damage, whether the accessories of the umbrella frame are complete, whether the umbrella fabric is resistant to tearing, whether the umbrella frame is resistant to wind and rust.
Second, whether the size is suitable for you, there are 46 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches, 56 inches, 60 inches in the market.
3. Whether the printed effect is clear, lifelike, does not fade in the face of the sun, and whether it can attract the attention of passers-by.
Fourth, how about the performance of advertising sun umbrellas, shade, rain, wind resistance.

Fifth, whether it is convenient to carry and easy to support and collect.


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