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Emma electric car advertising tent case

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Buy electric car to find Emma, advertise to find Feng Yushun

Every holiday merchant will promote sales. Emma electric car is no exception. Emma electric car learned the contact information of Feng Yushun awning from logistics. After understanding and inquiry from many parties, it is ready to customize 600 sets of advertising tents. It happened that April was the peak season for Feng Yushun's advertising tent customization, and the orders were lined up to the end of the month, but the Emma electric car customer was very anxious to launch a promotion. I hope we can do it for him first, and we see the customer's very sincere request , Feng Yushun awning Li always appreciates sincere people, so he decided to do it first, and then a few days in advance of the scheduled delivery date, the customer was very grateful, the printed pictures were very vivid and vivid. I think Feng Yushun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. The price, technology, quality, delivery time and service are all first-rate, and it is guaranteed that we will always cooperate with Feng Yushun.


Fengyushun Outdoor Advertising Tent

This cooperation with Emma manufacturers tested the productivity and expertise of Feng Yushun's production team. I learned that Emma's customized outdoor advertising tents must be distributed to various points before May 1st. Fengyushun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. was anxious for customers and worked overtime to catch up. Our professional customers are very satisfied. The customer thanked us many times during delivery and said that all outdoor advertising tents should be placed in Fengyushun in the future. The completion of high-efficiency, quality and quantity makes customers choose to cooperate with us. We will not live up to their expectations, and use good products to return customer trust and support.


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