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Feng Yushun nearly 100 outdoor tents

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Six advantages that can stand up to the details Feng Yushun tent details show export materials · fine turning · strong and durable

Advantage one
Thick waterproof oxford fabric is durable and soft as ever

The fabric is windproof , rainproof, tearproof, weatherproof, tearproof, freeze-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It will not soften in the sun in summer and will not crack in the winter. It is still soft as before.

Advantage two
Double protection and reinforcement design, double protection, no fear of wear

Double-layer reinforcement at the top: double protection to prevent leakage of rain at the top; double-layer reinforcement at the four corners: not easy to wear the tarpaulin, making it more stable and safe.

Advantage three
Water-proof test at high altitude water column

High-quality encrypted waterproof fabric with export 600D over-dense double-layer wiring and double-needle bag-gut sewing , easily meet daily outdoor needs.

Advantage Four
Stainless steel marbles, semi-automatic switch for easy operation and reduced manpower

The steel ball is made of high-quality hardware, which is strong and durable, and easy to use . Just push the steel frame gently, and you can easily open the tent easily.

Advantage five
Durable thickened stand thick design, stable pressure resistance

The thickened reinforced support adopts multi-point force design, thickened steel frame, fine anti-rust paint, and upgrade reinforcement device to bear at least the weight of adults.

Advantage Six
Ink printing effect is realistic, color lasts

Printed with waterproof ink, with realistic effects, bright colors, resistance to strong ultraviolet rays, and permanent fading.

National Service Hotline: 400-8928-318

Feng Yushun

Custom case display

  • 中国邮政广告帐篷定制

    China Post Advertising Tent Custom

  • 六角广告帐篷定制

    Hexagon Advertising Tent Custom

  • 中国电信广告帐篷案例

    China Telecom Advertising Tent Case

  • 中国移动广告帐篷案例

    China Mobile Advertising Tent Case

  • 四季沐歌广告帐篷案例

    Four Seasons Muge Advertising Tent Case

  • 爱玛电动车广告帐篷案例

    Emma electric car advertising tent case

National Service Hotline: 400-8928-318

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Service creates word of mouth

Feng Yushun-advertising tent procurement quality brand


Years of concentration and focus on building a complete one-stop outdoor tent procurement factory


Brand reputation, we dare to promise

  • Rich experience: cooperation experience with many well-known enterprises;

  • Private label: years of brand building, product sales through multiple channels;

  • Government post: Vice President Unit of Heshan Umbrella Industry Chamber of Commerce.


Feng Yushun-focus on quality and integrate R & D, design, production and sales into a large-scale manufacturer


High quality, keep improving

  • Advanced technology: rich experience, advanced equipment and perfect personnel management system

  • Quality assurance: Fengyushun product raw materials are derived from the raw materials of major factories

  • Affordable price: It is produced in its own factory, which eliminates the intermediate links and is cost-effective.


Comprehensive services to meet your requirements


Customer trust, do better

  • On-demand customization: meet your custom customization requirements and provide matching solutions for free

  • Fast delivery: stock in the warehouse all year round, regular products are shipped the same day

  • After-sales service: professional follow-up in all aspects to quickly resolve customer issues


National Service Hotline: 400-8928-318

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Feng Yushun partners

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    China Unicom

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    Smith water heater

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  • 爱玛电动车

    Emma electric car

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    New bride

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    China Mobile

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About Feng Yushun

Fengyushun Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. It is located in the professional production base of umbrellas and awnings in Guangdong Province. It has a long history in the famous Chinese umbrella town Taoshan Town, Heshan City. . ...

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    Warehouse—Feng Yushun

  • 仓库—丰雨顺

    Warehouse—Feng Yushun

  • 仓库—丰雨顺

    Warehouse—Feng Yushun

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    Warehouse—Feng Yushun

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  • 产品出货—丰雨顺

    Product shipment—Feng Yushun

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    Packaging Workshop-Feng Yushun

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    Production workshop-Feng Yushun

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